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Default Re: Engine top end rebuild and an engine stand

another tool to make life a little easier and to protect the piston form being broke and when you put the cylinder back on this is very handy. Would this be a pain to try and describe by words alone. just a piece of wood with a slot for the rod and it steadies the piston like a third hand

clean up gasket areas and wash cylinder and head with warm water and dishsoap to degrease it

There is no machining on the cylinders top and its a good spot for a head to start leaking from in the next pic I'm lapping the cylinder to clean it up for a better seal at least it makes me feel better. I also did the seal ring on the head no need to get carried away as soon as the rasied ring turns a little dull form the sanding stop and clean it.

using 320 wet/dry sand paper glued to glass and soapy water to keep sandpaper from clogging just smooth it up

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