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Default My First Build Pics (Cranbrook)

Ok guys heres the preview: the bike is a new cranbrook bought at wallyworld, engine is a black slant kit from BGF.

It will have the coaster brake, as well as front and rear brakes, speedometer, rear view mirrors on both sides, fenders, rear rack for cargo, brown leather seat, custom expansion chamber, and some nice slick tires if I can find them.

Please comment on whatever you see wrong/like. Im super excited with my first build.

Cost so far:
Cranbrook $99
Slant Engine kit $150 shipped
Expansion was $65 locally
Seat $30
Basket $20
Rear Brakes $15 is that ok?
Fron brakes $12
Mirrors $10 for both
Red Bearing Grease $3
Bed Liner paint $8.99

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