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Default Re: My first ride... No joy.

I got a brand new GT-5 just before christmas.

I didn't run it cause im runnin a new PK80.

I took it apart instead.

So since this is seeming to be a common problem i'll tell you this.


The key used between the shaft and the magnet was too small.
The magnet was floppin around like u wouldn't believe.

So why's that bad.

That key times the spark and if the spark occours at the wrong time the motor will never run.


Take off the little square box where the wires come outta the engine.
Loosen the nut off of the magnet.
Hold the sprocket with a pc of chain to keep the shaft from turning.

Once you have the nut off check 2 things.

Rotate the magnet so the slot for the key is at 12:00.
The slot should lean toward the sprocket.
If not the magnet needs flipped.

If the magnet wiggles when you turn it you need to replace the key.

Also make sure you unscrew the connector on the top of the spark plug.
The stock wire fits on the threaded part.

Other than that i don't know.

Check the ohms of the blue wire.

Put the hair dryer away.

My bike sits outside in 10 degree weather during a blizzard and starts right up easy.

Check that magnet i'm really curious like i said i never ran the motor.
I'm rebuilding it right now.

Porting ECT.

Good Luck
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