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Default Re: My first ride... No joy.

Originally Posted by Nougat View Post
Where'd you mount your CDI? Any trouble with the plug wire going by the pedal chain there, or heat from the motor?
I put the CDI under the motor sitting on the bottom bracket. For now I simply zip tied it in place tied to the seat and down tubes and one tie also connected to the bracket for the peddle chain guard. Time will tell if the engine heat causes problems for the ignition wire since I have maybe 10 minutes running time on it so far but it is good wire from a cycle shop so I am hopeful. I put it down there so I can minimize wires as much as possible. The engine wires double back through the front mount so they are out of sight, and I am going to replace the plastic throttle with a better one and put a kill switch under the front edge of the seat. That way I can run the kill wires down the seat tube and out to the cdi below the engine as well. Can you tell I don't like wires everywhere?

I can put up better pics later if you like.
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