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Default Upset About Fixing My Pipe

So i got one of those sbp expansion chamber wich im sure most of you that have used them know how great they are, the first time i put it on i didint secure it properly it was wigling back and forth and with the heat it distorted the copper pipe, i went to the local harwearstore bought some new cooper pipe fixed her all up but i had forgot to really clean the surface were the gasket sits against the ehaust port (a little bit of the old gasket was stuck on there) and the pipe was leaking a bit there and also were the cooper piece was cuz i had burned my silicone the first time around, the bike was a little noise but ran its best it had great pick up and still got in the pipe once i picked up i have a 50 tooth sprocket for the winter so this thing was just great, finally last weekend i decided to get off my ass and fix it properly cleaned the area were the gasket sat siliconed it got some muffler rap to cover the cooper pipe and so on the end resul a nice quiet bike no leaks but lost a bit of power down low, it still gets in the pipe once the engine picks up rpm but of the get go its just not the same and i cant drive myslef to make it leak again anyone else had this problem
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