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Default Got It Running!

Got it running!!!

Not entirely sure what fixed it, but here is what I did tonight. Got out a new plug, gapped it and set it aside. Drained out the fuel from the tank and bowl drain, shut off the fuel valves and reloaded the tank with fresh gas mixed at 24:1 this time. Then I completely disconnected the kill switch and wrapped up the white wire end again to make sure nothing was grounding out. Then I took off with the intention of engaging the clutch and letting it turn over as I peddle to blow out anything in the chamber. As soon is I released the clutch lever IT STARTED and ran for a few seconds. Opened up the fuel valve and took off on a few powered runs up and down the street in total darkness, a light snow falling, and no lights (I know - not smart - but you know you would do it too).

So I am thinking it was either:
a) one of the wires was grounding out somewhere that I didn't catch
b) too much oil in the gas at 18:1 instead of tonights 24:1
c) choke was on last night and off tonight
d) simply flooded last night and I got lucky today

Either way, I am one happy guy.

Now I need to polish up the build a little bit (shorten some cables, add a front brake, tiddy up the wiring, beef up the fender mounts, etc). I've got a few general questions but I'll post those in a new thread.

Thanks you all for your help - this forum is an awesome resource! Cell phone pics of her after her maiden voyage:

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