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Default Re: Mechanical speedometer

with almost 5 days left that will probably be 50 bucks or more. it's also for a 27" wheel (you can see a small "27" printed in the center of the face), but that won't make much difference, they aren't very accurate anyway.

i mean, some are. one of the ones i had that died was accurate + or - 2 mph, according to my buddies truck speedo, but it didn't live long. the last one i had was accurate up to 30, but then just fluctuated.

i still love the look, i just wish they worked better. i don't want any computer gadgets on my 70 year old bike.

i think i'm gonna get ahold of Stewart Warner and clue them into this site, and our little hobby, and see if they can start making (better) ones again.
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