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Default Re: My first ride... No joy.

Good ideas - yes I was using the choke, and yes I primed it first. In fact, I could hear a little sloshing in the bowl when I pressed the tickle button.

Originally Posted by MatCauthon137 View Post
ok, admittedly, i also just finished building my first bike, but have had no problems with it. mine is a 48cc grubee skyhawk, but i think all grubees are the same, and having a previous motorcycle i just have a couple of questions for you that you probably already thought of, but, on mine (up here in the cold mountain air) using the choke to start it is a must, so you did engage the choke, right? also, there is a tickle button on the left side of the engine that is used to prime the engine after turning on the fuel line but before trying to start. that is the only thing i can think of. i wish you luck

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