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Default My first ride... No joy.

Had some time off over the last week so I spent a few evenings getting my first motor bike together. Bike is a walmart schwinn del-ray, and the engine is a grubee skyhawk 66cc slant head.

Tonight I finished it up and had to immediatly try it out (in 10 degree weather after dark). Got up a good head of steam, started down a long hill, big smile and lots of excitement as I engage the clutch, and.... Nothing. The piston is pumping away like crazy but she just wont fire. So I peddle back up the steep hill (why didnt I get a bike with gears?) and try again. Same thing. One more time up the hill (did I mention 10 degrees outside), and... Nothing. By now I am sweating, freezing, and a little miffed.

I checked all connections and everything looks good. Pulled the plug and it is damp so it is getting fuel. I rode along and held the plug to the cylinder wall and saw spark. I had some other family matters to attend to this evening so it will have to wait until tomorrow after work to try again.

Here is my 6-step plan for tomorrow - let me know if I missed anything or you have any other suggestions:
1) Put in new plug gapped to 0.025"
2) Completely disconnect the kill switch wires and wrap up the white wire in tape so it can touch anything (don't think this is it since I saw spark, but cant hurt)
3) Drain out gas which is 18:1 per instructions
4) Shut off fuel valve and run a bit with the clutch engaged to empty out the chamber
5) Refuel mixed 24:1
6) Cross fingers, say a prayer, charge down the hill and pop that clutch.

Thanks all!

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