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Default Re: Engine top end rebuild and an engine stand

HI Norm,

I've been meaning to have a look inside too but been sooo busy with everything.....Hey,
While you are in there (if you have a degree wheel handy), could you measure when the intake and exhaust ports open and close (degree when each port opens and degree when each port closes)....That'd be REAL handy (i.e. necessary) to more closely calculate header and intake tube lengths for greater performance......I've been doing it by trial and error but scientific would be easier!.....If you need a degree wheel I can give you a link for one but I haven't had luck getting uit to print out properly.
Thanks!....And good job on all your photo tutorials....They're Grrrrrreat! ;-)

PS - One mod I have been thinking of was rewinding the coil for more power .....any idea how hard that would be?
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