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Default After a crash, replacement parts needed. PICS

on New Year's Eve I had a pretty epic spill on the bike..
the story:
Just filled up with a new mix and decided to drive it off a couple blocks to try it out; hit a pot hole (Tx sized) which contributed to knocking my chain off the sprocket and into my spokes (crappy tensioner: as usual) but this was right before trying to make a turn.
Long story short I hit the curb, did some kind of flip, and I landed in some small evergreens on someone's front walkway. First thing I heard afer was the kids watching saying "Dat was aweshum!"
I ♥ My Helmet

the parts:
Just replaced my bent front wheel, and bent-back my handlebars.
But I need a New 26" rear wheel, the whitewall one is bent and wobbly. Suggest any good models from the sidebar sites for cheep?

[notice the switched out front wheel&tire -matching doesn't matter so much to me.]

also since I'm switching out the rear might aswell use a newer sprocket mount/adapter from the flimsy worn China kit one I had when I bought the bike non-running.

[note the bent/missing spokes]

ANY specific model sprocket mount suggestions?? links?

and any suggestions about my tensioner? (YES I did bend it to align with the sprocket.)
When being ridden the top of the chain rubs and drags against the bottom of the chain, making a constant ticking sound. And the main concern is when the tensioner mount slides inward and causes the chain to fall and eat my spokes. (what lead to the wreck) Its worse when tightened all the way up.

Any help in finding deals is appreciated. Thanks!

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