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Default Re: Strong Drive rim

I know there is a size of motorcycle tire that will fit on the 4" wide Schwinn chopper rims, because people on bicycle forums have talked about it and even posted pictures. I do not know what that tire size is myself, however. They do say that the motorcycle tire is MUCH heavier than the Schwinn bicycle tire, and it is dreadful to pedal.

I don't know of any motorcycle rims that will fit right on "regular-width" bicycle rims of any current size, but I don't know anything about motorcycle tire sizes.


The Worksman rims are pretty strong, but then the steel ones will not allow using rim brakes (because the rim edges are rolled, not flat). So you will need some kind of hub braking, if you have brakes at all (now that's going O-L-D school!.... -)

And really, rim strength isn't usually a problem, even with cheap rims. The spokes breaking is the main thing, and you can drill out the holes in any rim to accommodate the Worksman 11g spokes.
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