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Default Re: Help with a cool project please.

Originally Posted by Antihista View Post
well since no one pointed this out. I have a electra coaster,and so does my father and i am sure you have noticed our bikes have a min of a 6" stretch to them. drilling a aluminum frame is a big don't, you really want to isolate engine vibration's if you don't you WILL crack the frame. i would really recommend a rack mount engine. and as far as the nexus hub holding out i have already rebuilt my coaster brake hub twice with about 200 miles
Originally Posted by Antihista View Post
RCinAL you are right in choosing a different bike the electras are really hard to mount a engine in them Jim's mounts will not work in the frame because they flex to much and WILL crack like i said a friction drive really would be your best option
Thanks Antihista, I agree about the problems with this build too, but I wouldn't mount a ugly friction drive engine to this beautiful bike. I'll just keep it the way it is. I do want a bike with the low seat and forward pedals if possible though. I am now spoiled rotten on this comfortable set up. I'll just stick to the traditional drive system now that I have advice against using a jack shaft with the Nexus hub. It works fine for peddaling.

I did see a beautiful aluminum-framed Electra Coaster build on this forum. (yours?) It was silver and had what appeared to be the Manic Mechanic engine mount and looked totally trustworthy. It had an aluminum plate clamped between the rear frame rails with a skateboard wheel for a chain tensioner. I can't seem to find it now, but I was considering one just like it if I could figure out a way to put brakes up front. I think the Coaster is also offered in a steel framed version. That would probably be the one to get if front brakes are available. I'll be dropping by my local dealer to inquire about this.

A friend of mine has a 2009 aluminum-framed Coaster with a springer front end that is motorized. He has a old, German-made Sachs rear hub gasoline engine on it. It is pretty cool. He has no front brake but his engine is small and only goes about 15 MPH so he doesn't worry about it. With a 69cc engine I definitely have decided I want good brakes.

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