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Default Re: Expense, reliability and support

Originally Posted by Bill View Post
To Rob in Ct and others, thank you! Apparently in Pa. you have to get these creations inspected, titled, plated and insured. It's complicated. Just to get on the road modestly and safely would you guys recommend a plane jane single speed platform bike? What about brakes, and do they require headlights, horns, signals? Sorry for the seemingly redundant questions but this is all new to me. Rob, where are you in Ct.? I'm familiar with the state.
Thanks Bill
That's the beauty of it. You can add as many accesories as you like. Lights, horn,break light, radio!, even a top for shade if you can. The beauty of the is that the limitations are endless.Paint it any color, add stickers, a so on. My sugestion is to buy this things in diferent places, or as we say" go shoping" the web.Auction sites usually can give you a vintage look item for that special bike.I am new too. I am taking my time to pick a frame and buy an engine. My only problem so far is shiping. I live in Puerto Rico,USA. Unless I go to my town in New York and send it myself. Either way is expensive. So the engine have to wait for a trip to Newburgh, New Jersey or Newark.
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