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Default Re: stolen bikes

Xena has been marketing disc locks for the motorcycle industry for years. The alarm is more of a warning to a motorcycle owner that "ya forgot to take the lock off, dummy!"
Trying to ride away with the lock still on is actually more common that one would expect to see with the non-alarmed locks. I know, I work at a motorcycle shop. The damage can be severe to a brake disc and caliper/ caliper hanger. The bicycle version may help deter theft, but I really do not expect the 120 db alarm to be that good of an attention getter. On their disc locks, the shrill is very high pitched, more of an annoyance to dogs than an alarm. If you are standing across the street, you can hardly hear it.
I really would like to hear someone's real world experience on the sound of this bicycle lock. I hope it is better than the motorcycle disc lock.
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