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Default bgf 48/49cc kit?

I just finished my first build and I'm happy with the results and looking for an engine for my son. I see on ebay a kit from BGF and it looks like a slant head and the carb is different than mine and mounts right up to the head. The spec sheet they show for this engine also says it has nearly 1 more hp @ 2.5 compared to the 1.6 spec on the engine I already have-which is another story. Anyway does anyone have one of these kits from BGF?

The other story is the engine I currently have said to be a 49cc kit but upon installation I looked at the sticker on the side of the engine and it states that its displacement is 61cc? No where that I've seen have I heard mention of a 61cc. I've only read and seen the 48/49 and 66cc. Strange and I suppose I dont really care, it runs great and I'm addicted to mb's now
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