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Default Re: Help with a cool project please.

Originally Posted by rkorson4209 View Post
With a bike that looks that cool I myself would only use creative eng. parts on it motor mount, sprocket hub adap, and manifold.
Originally Posted by Masterm222 View Post
I agree with CabinFever, DO NOT drill holes in your frame! You can buy exhaust clamps at your local auto parts store. Vice, hammer, and drill are the only tools you will need to shape a piece of steel to adapt your motor to your bike. Cool bike, I would do a Sick Bike parts shift kit and take advantage of the multi-speed hub. Never used one with internal geared hub but there is nothing like taking off from a stop light without pedal assist and shifting gears!
Thanks for the compliments on my bike, but the brake situation (see my 2 posts just before this one) really has me bummed. After surfing this forum really good I think decent brakes are essential and I want them. Engine mount + good brake setup + all the custom fabrication required to have it on this bike = an entire new bike with decent brakes and an engine kit.

I wouldn't be concerned at all about the jack shaft with the Nexus hub though, except for the added cost.

I think it will be much easier, faster, and cheaper just to get another bike and start from scratch. I'm now researchibg bikes to decide which will be cheaper, easier to mod, and will make a better total package. I already know it won't be nearly as cool though.

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