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Default Re: Moped/motor bike project

The motor was seized and covered in RTV silicone. I had to hammer the piston out because it was siliconed to the walls. The cylinder walls are shot (rusty pitted), the rings broke and there isn't a gasket in the whole motor. I left the moped at my parents and my dad says he gave away my rims and tires to a guy so he could make a trailer. The cables and wires are all shot from sitting outside. I got the front shocks to work but the rear ones are frozen. I recovered the seat with a leather jacket from the thrift store for $4. I rewired the lights to a battery and have been riding it as a bicycle (it's not that heavy).

I love the comment of you could build it cheaper by using just a bike, that being said I hope you finish it. I got quite a smile out of that. It's an interesting thing, I'm glad people are interested. Thanks guys!
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