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Default engine break in

ok, so i just finished my first build, and am really excited. it is just a little 48 cc on a single speed cruiser but I am like a kid in a candy store. My question is probably going to result in alot of "yep, you are psycho" responses. I am not really all that mechanically inclined, but i am learning as i go along. I finally got the thing together and am in the break in period. I know i am not supposed to go over a certain speed or ride for longer than a certain time during that period. (instructions said 15 mph and 30 minutes continual running). so if i go out and ride for 20-25 minutes a day, the bike runs great, no problems. however, yesterday i took her out for 25 minutes and then decided that was a day and parked her. i waited 30 minutes and went out again. after about 5 minutes the engine would no longer idle and i had no power at all. I decided to work on it again tomorrow cuz it was late, so this morning, i took her out again to see if i could find the problem, 25 minutes, she ran great, parked it and 2 hours later (thought that was sufficient cool down time) and she ran for 5 minutes and then the same problem. am i just not waiting long enough between rides? does it really have to be once a day?
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