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Default Re: Moped/motor bike project

Part out the moped at, and buy a proper bicycle and engine kit.

A bicycle engine kit isn't going to be easy to fit into that frame. It looks like a Puch, and you could probably get a used engine and proper wheels for it for less than you'd spend on a bicycle engine kit - again, used, Puch parts are plentiful and cheap.

Edit: I should also mention that that moped frame is a whole lot heavier than a bicycle frame, and the pedal cranks are super short. Pedaling it is like riding a clown bike. They didn't ever intend for those machines to actually be pedaled; it was just to fall within the legal territory of "moped." They are actually small motorcycles.

So, even if you were to get a bike engine kit on it, you would burn through the clutch in no time (trying to take off from a start, because you can't pedal it up to speed), and the finished machine would not be fast enough to get out of its own way. For me, that's neither a safe enough nor satisfying enough end product.

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