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Default Re: Chain tension problem

The rear sprocket is the driven sprocket the one on the engine is the driving sprocket. The rear sprocket is the one that is about .003" off center (radial runout) which is pretty insignificant. Likewise lateral or axial runout (wobble) is very small. As I posted above there doesn't seem to be any problem with centering. The tightening and slacking of the chain occurs with each turn of the rear wheel so it doesn't seem to be the chain, I can't see any stiff links and the chain looks good off the bike. It runs smoothly and no side curvature. The only suspicion I have right now is it doesn't look like the chain fits the sprocket well since the chain rollers don't seat in the bottom of the sprocket tooth gullets. Has anyone had any problem with the drive sprocket supplied with their engine kits?
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