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Default Re: waiting on my first engine

I have used wallmart outboard oil and all the other stuff they sell and I don't see a dimes worth of difference. I like the cheap oils best. Heck I've used 10w30 pennz in a pinch. I mix at around 32 to 1. While in Mo. I mixed it at 40 to 1 and the bike ran fine but I used amsoil while there.
As for the carb I'd get it running good before trying any mods to the engine and I happen to like the simple carb it works good for me.
I have been saying don't try alcohol in the engine because of the problems you can have but the last time I bought alcohol for the racing kart it was $2.00 a gallon.
I might check on the price of alcohol again and may try it in the bike but mileage will go out the window and the price of oil that will mix with the alcohol is pricey. Fuel line will go south quicker the seals will go quicker and a lean run will be a melt down and taps for the engine so I'm not teal hot on the alcohol use but looking.

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