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Originally Posted by spit_fire View Post
yah i learned the whole stud situation with my first build i broke 2 and then i replaced them with those black heat treated or really really strong allen head bolts my dad got from his work (he designs mining equipment so they have some good stuff there) and still i had one snap flush with the motor and i couldnt get it out as it was way harder then the nice soft metal around it ended up butchering the whole so i cut out a chunk of the the motor were the stud went into and i bolted a little block of aluminium to where i had cut out the chunck of the motor, drilled a whole tapped in my new thread and covered it with jb weld and it held up afterwards i sold it to a drunk he crashed the bike a bunch of times and it was still fine :P all the new studs i use i find they have flex in them, when i buy the 3 foot rod i can easily flex it and ive been using this rod to make all my studs and i have never had one brake
A 3 foot rod of 6m will flex. Most things that long and that skinny will. When I re-studed my engine I made sure that the studs were snug but not super tight into the motor. that way they weren't completely bottomed out.I also used blue locktite on the motor end and lock washers and double nuts on the bracket side. I'm no expert on these by any means but (fingers crossed) I have yet to snap or strip anything. Thanks and good luck! Evan
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