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Default Re: My Build has started :) Another Cranbrook

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
I'll be the first to reply to your Opti-2 question. Run it @100:1 for break in and thereafter. I have had very good luck with it and recommend it highly.

Wheel bearings: Any good quality wheel bearing grease. (auto parts store)
Chain: There are lubes made especially for bicycle chains but they are overpriced when compared to any light oil. I've been having good results with chain/bar oil made for chainsaws. It seems to stick better than most. When I want to clean the chain and sprockets I grab my wife's Scott's Liquid Gold, a wood cleaner and preservative that has an oil base and a solvent that does a heck of a job cleaning the rollers and sprocket.
Muffler baffles: The jury is still out on whether or not running without baffles will cause harm. Most will agree that it does your engine no good and tends to p**s off the neighbors. Many of us here try to discourage running open/loud exhaust in an effort to make our hobby less objectionable to the general public and display us in a better light.
Good luck with your build and send us some photos of the finished product.
Thanks man, I had read your posts about opti 2 in the 100:1 thread, some good info in it I will try to modify the exhaust then or fab one up thats less restrictive but not too loud. Can you guys link me to some basic info on adjusting the carb settings and what parts need to be lubed on a brand new kit?
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