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Default Re: 2 cool!!!

I played around a little bit with it last night-

It's wild! I was using photos to make "material" to fill the geometric shapes I was drawing around that little man. It doesn't look likeyou can put in a whole photo- little tiny ones in rows appear and it doesn't look like I can vary their size much- but I haven't explored it.

Anyway, the whole she-bang rotates around and can be looked at and angled in any way- I was zooming way in on one of the photos in the material and then zooming out again, and everything else flying past makes a great sense of movement or travelling past-

I guess this is what they use on a lot of outer space videos, or to make that little guy fly into the television set in that "I want my MTV" one. I'm going to video some of it.

Don't think I could design much with it though- never was good at drafting, and it wouldtake some time to learn to work the program.
You can save the whole thing, and open it up again after opening up the software again.

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