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Default My Build has started :) Another Cranbrook

I bought a huffy cranbrook cruiser at walmart and took the thing appart for painting. I have painted the frame with Rustoleum Truck bed Liner and the fenders with a nice copper color.

Picked up my engine kit from BGF, I got the black Slant head kit. Im going to try and only run Opti-2 from breakin on, I picked some up online.

Should I run it at 100:1 from the start? Since its a slant what octane gas and what spark plug do you guys recommend?

What grease should I use for my bearings on the bike?

What grease should I use on the parts of the engine you guys suggest I lube(like the clutch area etc)?

What should I lube my chain with?

Should I bother upgrading my fuel line?

Ive done allot of reading on boost bottles, should I bother trying one or no?

Can I remove the baffle without causing harm to the engine other than being loud?

Im planing on buying some v-brakes to help out the coaster brakes, is just a rear brake ok or should I get one for the front too?

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