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Default Re: Hello from South Georgia

Clutch - mine is kind of stiff, too, might just be the way it is. I've seen someone's mod with a little pulley on a bracket on the right side of the engine, with the clutch cable going around that. Apparently, this makes the clutch pull super easy.

Kill switch - if it's wired to the white wire and frame ground, rewire it to splice into the black and blue CDI wires. If it still doesn't work, bad kill switch, see if you can get the vendor to replace it.

Flood - Use the right fuel mix. 16:1 is too oily. Break-in with 24:1 and then go to 32:1, with off the shelf 2-cycle oil. I see people experimenting with 100:1 with super fancy oil, but I don't ever buy anything fancy. Ditch the stock spark plug, replace with NGK B6HS or Champion L86C (there's an Autolite, too, someone mentioned the part number recently, but I forget, because I'm not a fan of Autolite plugs in general). If those don't help, lower the throttle needle by raising its e-clip a notch or two to lean the fuel out.

Merry Christmas!
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