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Default Re: Help with a cool project please.

Thanks everyone.

The more I learn and think about this particular build, the harder and more expensive it gets.

I hadn't considered brakes. The bike only has a rear coaster brake now and I am finding out that good brakes are an essential part of a quality motorized build. I would definitely need to install a good front brake - and the fat tire, tubular forks, and black rims don't lend themselves to an easy rim brake set up. It also seems that any kind of retrofit disc brake set up would require fabricating and welding a complicated, heavy duty braket onto the chrome fork. This would mean an expensive rechroming of both fork tubes and most likely using another wheel, not to mention buying all the levers, cables, calipers, and other parts. I could easily buy an entire bike and probably even an engine kit for less than the brake mods alone would cost for this bike.

I'm really not up to a lot of fabricating and problem solving and don't want to spend hundreds of dollars or destroy this bike's unique features. Everything about it now screams "style" and "art". It is a head turner just as it is - right down to the 8-ball paint job, which would get covered up by a gas tank.

As much as I hate it, I think I am going to have to consider another, cheaper bike for mounting an engine - maybe something with a steel frame and good brakes already. So it looks like I am now on the hunt for a cheaper bike that better lends itself to this modification.

I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, I am open to suggestions for a good bike to modify that is proven and won't break the bank since I now know I need to buy the engine kit and a bike. I'll be looking for something inexpensive that an engine kit will bolt right into without a lot of fuss.

I'm all ears if anyone knows of something that fits the bill. I am partial to cruisers.

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