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Default Re: Any Publicity Is Good Publicity

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
Very cool Bill. I lay awake at night figuring out ways to get free press. Your right, does expose and plant the seeds of thought and does promote us all. (really sad part, I want to keep motorized bicycle riding small and just "our thing" snork)

I would have to differ with the "weigh 100 LBS" though. I recently sent a point beach and Honda kit to MaxTorque to have some parts made and weighed 63 lbs. But is a small alum frame.

(I always, always plug MaxTorque The guy is awesome and awesome to do business with)
Want free press? Build one of these Flying with Billy Jones (That was my second motorized bicycle build.)

I think what she meant to say was that motorized bicycles rarely weigh over 100 lbs.

I agree with you on MaxTorque. That's what EZM is now using in our newest transmissions. Ours is not an off the shelf item but it is made by MaxTorque.
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