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Default Re: What dosent suck on these bikes??

Originally Posted by Toecutter66 View Post
That feel is the bolt/stud stretching. Tighten as normal, apply pressure until you feel a slight give, STOP. That is how tight it should be. The other answer is, how tight was it when you took it apart? Make it about that tight when you put it back. One exception is spark plugs, I always angle torque them to about 90 degrees .
I'm sorry but I'm going to have to disagree with your suggestions here for the benefit of those with limited mechanical experience. If you tighten until you feel a give then you've probably gone too far. As for tightening spark plugs if what you mean by, "90 degree angle torque" I assume you mean you give it a quater turn after finger tight. That also can be too much and on aluminum heads that can spell trouble. Plugs should be tightened enough to squish the metal washer then just a slight bit more. The fasteners provided in most kits utilize lock washers. To properly tighten the engine mount, intake and exhaust bolts/studs/nut, you should tighten just enough to flatten the lock washer then a small amout of torque added, make that a very small amount. Typically we're dealing with 6mm fasteners, some are smaller and the cylinder studs can be 8mm. Over torquing and constant re tightening is the biggest cause of fastener failure with these kits. That and mounting the engine in rubber. Your suggestions can add to those problems. Nothing personal, just want to protect our newbie builders.
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