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Default Re: What dosent suck on these bikes??

Title cracked me up. Just screams of the frustration they can bring, lol

I often wonder if the manufactures of the kits read the forums. I know I would! A small shipment of 2 stroke kits was about $40 per unit shipped last time I checked. So they must shake their heads. "Cheaper, better, faster. Pick 2" The design is brilliant so can get away with lesser materials. I have never replaced a stud and only recently started using locktite. Think I did strip a stud once, but it was moved alot but still, my doing. Did the math once and guestimated it costs about 12 cents a mile.

I am not suggesting these should be primary transportation 'cause I would probably lose my job, lol. But for hrs of fun/lessons, 4 to 6K miles. Price wise, great deal.
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