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Default Re: Carb issues

i've heard that on some of the carbs, the idle screw is too short, that might be your problem.

normally, idle is set about 3-1/2 to 4 full turns out.

your throttle cable might still be a little bit too tight. there should be a tiny bit of slack in it if you pull on it at the top of the carb. if your cable's loose enough already, you might have a small airleak.

when it's warmed up and running, put the choke on all the way and see if i dies right away. if it doesn't, it's an airleak.

you can also spray some carb cleaner around the sealing surfaces of the manifold and the carb. it'll sputter and die if it's got a leak. don't spray it in the throat of the carb or the filter, though.
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