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Default Re: What dosent suck on these bikes??

just a quik comment on torqueing bolts .

why do you think wrenches get shorter as they get smaller ?

good quality regular length allen wrenches are the length that they are for a reason . you will find that the average person ( without a pipe on the wrench ) will achieve , very close to the proper torque on any given allen head screw , when tightening ( again , without a pipe on the wrench ) when you tighten to the point where the wrench starts to flex .

but of course you have to take the torque capacity of the material you are bolting to into consideration , white metal after all , is just that , white metal , easy to pour into a mould , and easy to damage .

don,t believe me about the wrenches , test it against a tourque wrench .

torquing ( nuts ) might be a bit difficult using an allen wrench , but here is a helpful tip .
use regular lenth tools and don,t put a pipe on the end of the wrench .
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