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Default Re: What dosent suck on these bikes??

Originally Posted by Outrunner View Post
I used to own a motorcycle repair and racing shop in Detroit. After over 18 years
of working on customers motorcycles I came to realize that their are many
people that just cannot comprehend the principle of over-tightening bolts, nuts,
studs, allen-head screws, etc, etc.. We had to remove cylinder heads and install
spark plug thread inserts on dozens of engines to repair stripped out spark plug threads, due to over-tightening. Plus stripped out aluminum engine cases,or replace broken studs, it is mind boggling how often that occurs. Most of the bike
owners would blame the manufacturer or not admit that they were really the cause of the breakage, but I firmly believe that a cheap Harbor Freight torque wrench could be an invaluable asset to most inexperienced "mechanics". It seems like there is no understanding of the difference between tightening a lug nut on a car tire to tightening a 1/4" bolt in an aluminum case! Go figure!!
Quoted for truth. I used to be partners in a VW restoration shop. The bad thing about VW's is they are deceptively simple to service, so everyone thinks they are capable of doing so. Many are not. =-)

A pet peeve of mine is how few things in life seem to come with proper torque values listed any more. I know there are standards I can look up, and really I am a pretty damn good estimator after years of practice...but with the info more available maybe just maybe a few less experienced persons might think it important enough to follow.
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