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Default new here.. whats up every1

hello all! I am new to the site, but not so new to motor bicycling. I built my bike 2 1/2 years ago, when there really wasn't any cool upgrades, or hub adapters, or anything like that. Well maybe there was, and I just didn't search hard enough. Well, I found this site, and I'm ready to build another one! Right now I have a Huffy Sixty Sixer from, I'm guessing early 80's. Its made in USA, and looks good for it's age. I slapped on the 80cc motor kit, and rode it everywhere! I was the only person I ever saw, talked to,or heard about in Chicago for a while. My friend just joined the site, and is building a custom bike as well now. The CPD stopped me a few times and they're like " Where did you get that? How fast does that thing go? Thats cool..." Never hassled me, and I guess appreciated the fact that I had something unique... I will post pics.

My new build is going to be a North Woods Ridge Dale Cruiser. I am planning on using both Manic Mechanic Hub Adapter+ Sprocket, as well as his Engine Mounts. His design, and final product is just simply amazing. Nothing compares (in my opinion). Well, enough for now, time for sleep.
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