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Default Re: Carb issues

if it's revving up when you turn the bars, the throttle cable's probably too tight, or it's binding somewhere (zipties, harsh bends, etc.)

you're running it really rich, too. 16:1 is basically wrong, it comes from the chinese using regular motor oil. 24:1 should be better for break-in.

the puddle could be from the air filter. the sponge will get soaked with fuel, especially when it's so rich, and it'll drip out when it's sitting overnight.

also, if your throttle cable's too tight, the slide might be above the idle screw, so turning it won't do anything, it's just screwing in under the slide, not contacting it.

wait, i just re-read that, and you say it's dripping from the exhaust. that's also caused by an overly rich mixture. the oil and fuel isn't burning fully, so it's blowing into the pipe, and leaking out.
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