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Default Re: Project 'Hippie Hater'

Push start! If the bike is heavy enough for traction, or you push off pretty hard, you can fire it right up I'm sure. You may have to try a few times on a cold engine, or use a driveway hill.

I like having my pedals on. I think its kind of fun to start by pedaling instead of yanking a rope and maybe busting my hand if it backfires (It happens faster than you can let go by reflex). I like pedaling about 18mph and just cruising so the noise is down, when just killing some time on a back country road. I like being able to shift my feet instead of getting numb feet from old fashioned pegs. I don't know why motorcycles don't have a better place to put your feet unless you got something really deluxe. Mainly I like not having to register it and pay all the taxes, and saving gas.

I'm sure a few of you guys build some more for sport than economy, and thats interesting. I think it would be cool to see a motorized bicycle actually burn out.
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