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Default Re: waiting on my first engine

My oil comes from dollar general only because I go there about every week. It has always worked fine. If it smokes a lot it doesn't bother me, I'm above all that.

As for mixing if you have kids find one of their old cough syrup measuring devices if not buy yourself one at the drug store. I asked the pharmacist and he gave me a measuring cup for one ounce. Then go to the grocery store and buy yourself a 64 oz bottle of your favorite fruit drink (fruit punch for me). To mix the first two bottle of gasoline add three oz of oil to the empty and cleaned bottle then fill it with gasoline. After two bottle reduce it to 2 oz of oil.

any question you have about installing your engine just ask someone here is always willing to help. We aren't always right the first time but we usually can get you on the right track.

welcome aboard

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