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Default Re: Finished install and bike won't move

The clutch lever, the one on the engine, can be pushed inward by hand but it takes a lot of force. If your cable is binding or too loose the handlebar lever can not move it. Make sure you have nice gentle bends in the cable with no kinks or sharp bends and that it moves freely before attaching to the engine.
Now let's look at what I think might be your problem because it is a common one with new engines; that being that the clutch friction pads are stuck. Sometimes all it takes is a very hard push inward on the clutch arm. You might need to make a lever from a piece of pipe with an inside diameter slightly larger than the clutch arm. It can be done by hand but use a rag between your palm and the arm. If you can move the lever inward, maybe and inch or more that's good. You might hear a soft 'thunk' sound if the pads come loose. The other method of freeing a stuck clutch is by tapping (don't beat it to death but a good solid hit will suffice) with a soft headed hammer on either the pin which protrudes from the center of the drive sprocket or on the other side around the flower nut. The friction pads can be stuck to the face of the pressure plate from the factory and need a little gentle help to get them to free up. Give these a try and get back to us.
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