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Default Re: Finished install and bike won't move

That's Bizarre. It looks perfect. I take it that since you have the chain already on there that you are able to push the lever in by hand and rotate the sprocket with your fingers? (if not do not push too hard, those things love to brake) If you can move it by hand but not using the lever then perhaps it's your zip ties... if you have a lot of them, and they're real tight, and your cable isn't on a gentle bend down to the motor, it might just have too much tension to work (i've had that happen). Also, i am assuming that it is going through the "thingy" sticking up from the engine to the right of the clutch arm (your spring is compressed so i am guessing it is touching the clutch arm and the "thingy") If you can't move the arm by hand, then i wonder exactly what all you had to do to this clutch. did you have to take the cover plate off? did you have to put the clutch arm onto the shaft yourself? The only thing i'm thinking is that the clutch shaft is in the wrong position (it has a semicircle on the end in the bottom), and this is why it won't move? I am also pretty new to this, so this is as far as im comfortable in trying to guide you.

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