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Default Re: waiting on my first engine

You can use whatever oil you want.
Synthetic smokes less.
Dino oil is very good for example Penzoil ashless for small aircooled motors.
Castor leaves a film on the metal that protects but fouls the rings.
A 20 %Castor 80 % synthetic mix like klotz or maxima are what I use.
Do not use outboard oil.
Do use aircooled oil.

For break in most use a 20 % oil to 80 % regular gasoline mix.

A seven mile commute is for me a fraction of what I cover daily.
You will break down.
Flats are common, as are problems with the chain ,idler pulley, carb, fuel tank.
These engines vary in quality a gebe rack mount with a 35 cc subaru is very reliable but priced about $600.00
A frame mount Happy time is about $150.00 to $300.00
Depending on the quality of the kit.

Look to the left for motorized bicycle kits.

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