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Default Re: carburetor tuning...

lean or rich is the neverneding battle for some of us its very important for performance you achieve your best burn(most performance) at 14.7 particles of air to 1 particle of fuel this is called stoichiometric efficiency, if your bike is to rich it will suffer in the performance department, smoke alot, and ul find yourself 4 stroking once you hit about 30-35km/h if you run your bike to lean you might notice it runs great or better than rich but running a engione lean is very bad asspecially a 2 stroke were it depends on the oil being induced threw the fuel were as 4 strokes just have to worry about lots of heat and high hydrocarbons but neverthe less doesnt matter if iuts a 4 stroke or 2 stroke lean is very bad for a engine and can/will damadge the motor the eaziest way to tell is to check your plug when its hot(carefull removing hot plug some people swear youl pull out threads with it ive never had this problem but im alwayz carefull) if the electrode is black or oily than its to rich if its white its to lean you wanna try to get a nice tan colour out of it, well thats my 2 cents on this im sure other will b more than willing to help you out further if you need any help
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