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Talking Re: Praise The Poo-poo!

No, the difference is not really now that it comes out behind me. I had it idling outr front when I returned (I neglected to attach the kill switch wire again, so had to short it off on the crank arm)

It's really just plain quieter. I paid about 35 for this extended pipe- the pipes not only a bunch longer, the muffler itself is half again as a stock.

But when it wouldn't fit I was wishing I'd bought the one they call the "orange county cruiser" pipe- even though much more money, because it drops al the way under the bottom bracket. I'm sure now that that set-up would be just as quiet. This pipe just doesn't want to clear around the crank arms or the motor chain. But I'm happy now- it works just fine.

There seems to be no drop in performance either. Just a lot less annoying decibels.

Here's some of them:

This one has a long pipe, but the muffler's shorter than mine
CHOPPER MUFFLER Motorized OCC Bicycle Motor Bike Parts:eBay Motors (item 260529915888 end time Jan-27-10 13:22:25 PST)

Here's Spooky's.. This one is like the one I had to cut, because the clearances are so tight over the bottom bracket, past the cranks and the chain.
Extended Chrome Exhaust Muffler

Zone 8 seems to have the best price on a standard chrome muffler right now- $25 w/ free ship
Exhaust chrome

Boygofast hasn't had the extended pipe I cut here listed lately, or I'd post the link.

P.S. The old guy in the picture above is my Grandpap, circa 1960. Grandpap was a coal miner in Canonsburg PA, and grandma would hide his bottles from him. Here he found two.

Happy motoring!

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