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Default carburetor tuning...

Does anyone know how, or have any good resources on finding out about the carburetors that come with the kits? I ask this because I feel like it needs to be tuned. My bike runs amazing don't get me wrong, but "cold" starts (its California so don't think i mean cold cold) take it about a minute to get running. it will not fire immediately and i have to pedal for about a block before i hear it start trying, then it doesn't care much for me giving it throttle at first either. and then it just starts running very smooth. I have tickled the tickler button, filled the bowl, etc. before i start, and it doesn't make a difference. Also i have no idea what im doing with the choke. i leave it down, it seams that if i lift the lever it is like a back up kill switch. If anyone could guide me in the right direction i would appreciate it. I know you can adjust a "C-clip" on the needle in the carb, but i don't know what moving it up or down the needle are even suppose to do.

Thanks guys

P.S. it is a 49cc if that makes a difference
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