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Dear all, I will be around to follow up on this. I will also have a more definative idea later.

Unfortunately, in a lot of places these bikes are illegal or restricted. I dont understand why a small 33cc golden eagle bicycle kit would not be allowed in some states. it is not fair to people who enjoy riding a bicycle, but because of bad knees or what ever- they have to give the hobby up. mopeds are great, but only if you are capable of coming up with the money. what it cost to buy a moped, most people have to set aside for emergency money. lot of people are just too poor or hard up to even buy something that will save them money.

Strange thing is that those little bike kits arent given the same consideration as the electric ones. electric is good, but not always feasable.

I do know one thing. Our main stream society really doesnt like motored bikes or mopeds. A lot of states pass discouraging laws for that reason..

They say the majority rules this country. I think that the "majority rules" thing stinks. A closed minded majority runs our country while the silent minority continues to shut up.

There is absolutely no reason why every state couldnt be open to a small 33cc bicycle engine for older or not such good of shape people who just dont want to give up cycling.
Furthermore, a country that has such manipulative legislation to bring about desired social results, is not a free country.....

Oh well, i guess you have deny some freedoms for the benefit of so called safety and the convienance of drivers and pedestrians who dont like having motored bicyclists around.....

We really should band together and change this. There is no reason that a small 33cc engine kit could not be considered a consumer product just like the electric kits.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot! anything powered by gas is classified as a motor vehicle.....
Does that mean a hedge trimmer is not a consumer product and therefore needs a liscense plate in order to trim a damn bush!?

Think about. Our apathy has alot to do with why we not a real free country, among other things.

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