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Default Re: Rear Suspension Alternative

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
Hmm... not to jack this thread - but there was another product offered as an aftermarket suspension other than the seatpost and when I saw the title here I really hoped it was this...

I was at a bikeshop a few years ago and I say a bolt-on attachment that went under the chainstay, from the bottom bracket to the dropouts - mounting your wheel to it, it offered some suspension action by transferring the vertical movement to a horizontal one. I'll bdanged if I can remember what it was called, I don't know how effective it was (beyond the bike tech "liking" it), or even how expensive it was.

Any info on what this product might be or feedback on it's quality would be greatly appreciated - heck, for all I know it mighta been discontinued... I've never seen it since or been able to find it anywhere *shrug*
Was it something like this?
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