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Default Re: Help with a cool project please.

Originally Posted by john_the_great View Post
well, by v-frame i meant the way mountain bikes have the v at the bottom of the frame. btw I have a honda ct110 and ride it all over (offroad) and am gonna get an old OHV trail 55 to restore!

-oh and i have a question for you. How well does that nexus hub work? Whats your thoughts on those?
I love dirt bikes and currently have a garage full. If it has 2 wheels and handlebars I'm all about it.

The Nexus hub is SWEET. Unlike the many derailer bikes i've owned, which all had "issues" sooner or later, this Nexus bike has never caused me one second of grief and always shifts as smooth as silk with a tiny "click". It even shifts sitting still. Maybe it is just me, but I can't think of many things in life that have been as aggravating to own as bicycles with derailers. At first I worried about the Nexus being as durable as a derailer, but that is no longer a concern. It has served me well for 4 years now. I am not concerned at all that it will not hold up to being motorized for street use. The biggest drawback I can think of with the Nexus is cost, but it has been worth every penny to me so far. Plus, in my opinion, a bike just looks better without all that "hardware" associated with derailers.

The only bike I ever liked better was my old 1950's Schwinn Typhoon with a 2-speed "kick-back" hub. It didn't even need a cable. You just snapped the peddal backwards to go from 1st to 2nd and back to 1st. Man, they should reintroduce that!
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