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Default Re: Finished install and bike won't move

Originally Posted by Hophead_90720 View Post
Hello forum friends,

I have been wanting to do this for years and finally did it! The engine is mounted, I seemed to have put the rear sprocket on to clear the coaster brake (with some bending) but not sure about the clutch, exhaust pipe (mounted facing up) but it looks good. My back wheel just skids like it's locked. I've read the forums and can't find a back wheel problem like mine.

Any seasoned moto-bikers that know what happened?

P.S. I love beer!

beer is good.

what about the coaster brake dust cap? did you grind the edge down, so the sprocket fits nicely over it? if you didnt, its possible that the dust cap got smashed down onto the bearing housing.
that, or perhaps you overtightened the bearing/brake assy. i dont mean to offend, but, are you pulling the clutch in?
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