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Default Re: New Carb. Dellorto Style or "Performance" carb?

I've gotten great results from the billet intake at Pirates and Creative engineering.

And I've got the new NTS ready to go- which should install in about ten minutes, but just got the muffler replaced today.

Once the billet is used the carb is lowered and clearance for carb length is even less.
So the NTS is shorter than the CNS, and half the cost, and has fuel shutoff valve.

I didn't like the look of the LONGER offset intake needed to clear the CNS carb- The motor ports are bigger than the intakes, and the billet evens that up at least on the motor side. I reamed it slightly more- the alloy files away easily. The carb is then also closer to the motor. I've actually got great performance now from the old stock, so the NTS wil be a little overkill-

But the proof is in the sight lines- Just look through the ports and you can see where the carb restricts the flow- the NTS has larger ports now and the billet puts it right up by the motor which may be an even bigger factor. (The CNS has bigger ports, but the adapter to the intake cuts that down again. They recommend enlarging the ports on the motor- that doesn't make sense, it's still the same size flow through the intake.) I'll probably ream the old stock carb ports a milimeter when the other is on, just for the heck of it. The motor's ports really don't seem to need it.

I'm 2 stroking at will now, but with a 36 sprocket and wheels that roll, I generally don't want to open it up that much!

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