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Talking Praise The Poo-poo!

I just put the long poo-poo pipe on that I thought wouldn't fit. well I had to cut it and couple it under the bottom bracket instead of over it.

I'm shocked by how much quieter it is. I've finally got that "moped sound" level I've been after.

I got this thing from boygofast last summer and it didn't fit the cruiser. I didn't know what to do with it, and then I thought it would fit the $5 Schwinn traveler build I was planning. It may have, but the clearances were too close for comfort.

I played around with the beer can muffler extensions last summer after the tailpiece was lost off my muffler, but still not happy with the loud motor. It kept getting messed up on the stairs too.

When the last can blew off the other day, I almost ordered another stock muffler, or the slightly longer one at King's. But have spent too much at Christmas!

So I finally decided to try modifying. I cut the old muffler off the pipe, cut the short drop off the poo pipe, and using the trusty can aluminum once more and some worm clamps, coupled them together.

So this is at least the first prototype- put together in only about a half hour. I may go another can of aluminum thicker at the wrap, but one can goes around more than twice and is surprisingly strong.. I may wrap it inside out too if I can, so it doesn't show "beer can" so much. And I'll probably put two clamps on each end when I get some more.

But what a difference! It will be such a greater pleasure to ride now! It is beyond my expectations.

Heres the pictures:

Praise the Lord! I found the poo-poo!
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